Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Insight Advertising

Advertisers that spend $120 or more would receive an Insight key for the calendar year.

Banner and Twitter Ads

Blogads, a blog advertising specialist, handles advertising for Insights. They specialize in blog advertising and buying ads to connect with the social media elite to build your brand.

Insight offers customizable 728x90 leaderbroad (top banner), and 160x200 or 160x600 skyscraper (left column) image or video ads.

Add Your Feed/Link to Insight Reader List

Feeds which offer advertisers the ability to generate dynamic content throughout the calendar year are located in the left hand column. Feeds can be attached to websites, blogs, or social media (accounts, pages, groups) and are controlled by the advertiser but reviewed for content by Insights.

All Feed/links are offered one post for explanation of their service. This explanation reaches all of Insight's Feedburner, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email subscribers.

All content will be reviewed by Insights. Insight reserves the right to terminate feeds during the calendar year without reimbursement if the content is deemed inappropriate, offensive, or abusive. All paid feeds/links will be cleared at the end of the calendar year.

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Follow these three easy steps to receive an Insight key today:

1. Select Time frame (Required)

Select the current month or desired time frame for feed/link. For example, Jan-Dec $240 USD (first option from the pull down menu) to active a feed/link from January to December. This is the maximum price for a calendar year. Price declines $20 USD per month until the June. The price from June, July, and August to December is $120. This discount is part of the "summer doldrums offer".

2. Confirmation Email (Required)

Enter confirmation email for delivery of your key associated with feed/link. Entries are case sensitive. Key are sent once payments and emails are approved and processed. Confirmation email can be redirected by aggressive spam or junk mail filters, so plan accordingly.

3. Message to Eric (Optional)

Enter short message or additional instructions.

4. Click PayNow (Required)

Paypal, a leading provider of secure online money transfers, will handle payments. Paypal accepts paypal transfers, major credit cards, bank wires, bitcoin (BitPay, Coinbase, or GoCoin), eChecks, and more as payment.

  • Feed/link is active for the entire calendar year.
  • Feeds/links must be renewed each year.
  • Information about advertisers is not stored, redistributed, or sold.

Please contact us for help or additional questions.