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The Matrix
The PREV (the Matrix), an array that displays alignment of price & volume (trends) within the cycle of TIME, intermarket money flows, and the flow of sentiment, helps subscribers recognize buying and selling opportunities for 44 markets. Markets include #stocks, #bonds, #forex, #Bitcoin & #Commodities.

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PREV (the Matrix)

Subscriber Comments

Dow Industrials have entered alignment.

Whether it be social media or talking heads on MSM, the talking heads (and majority) generally hate this rally. Although their explanations of why stocks should pause, correct, or crash are reasonable, they divergence from the simple bullish message of the market. This is the most important message, yet 99% of traders and investors ignore it and follow opinion. Why is the message bullish? The sentiment and VIX have been in bull phase agreement since 02/09 (see Matrix Line 62). Nasdaq 100, a leading group, remains in alignment (Matrix Line 35). Stocks could falter and correct after Quad expiration, but odds favor continuation. Why did the the Dow Industrials have reset and reentered alignment on Friday (see Matrix Line 39)? Coincidence? The sentiment and VIX model say bull and their cycle of time is EARLY.

This generates the following question: When do the talking heads turn bullish? The way it works is sentiment turns bullish as prices rise. Sentiment is still pessimistic/neutral (Matrix Line 54). WASo < 0 is pessimistic.

Matrix Line 62.

The reason I developed the Matrix was a result of the following observations: (1) humans can't separate opinion from investment strategies, (2) the complexity of the composite trend is too great from ad hoc interpretation.

Matrix Line 29

The Matrix's output on palladium changes every day.  Observation to come: Pd might fall out of alignment (loose its Trip UP designination), Early will change to Mid or Late, the trend will move in and out of EXP or COM, and the time profile of the trend will change.  Traders use this information to take profits or add to long-term positions.

BuST & BrST > 0, observations made in the daily, weekly, or monthly time frames, warn investors where upside or downside alignments are pushing against the cycle of time. The computer defines these alignments as Early, Mid, or Late. Late cycle alignments are vulnerable to reversal. A daily BuST or BrST > 2, for example, suggests a growing probability of consolidation ahead even in Early and Mid cycle alignments.

Using the Matrix

The value of the Matrix is far more than a study of price. Trends are a function of price, volume (force), volatility, and TIME. The order of their importance is as follows: (1) TIME, (2) volatility, (3) volume & price alignment. Volume and price alignment, a setup that triggers action, favors Grade A & B, early cycle markets under high compression (↓COM). ↓COM suggests extremely low volatility, a quiet trend ready to explode into high compression (↑EXP). Weekly and monthly breakout signals are not finalized until the end of the week and month, respectively. Signals generated before that could be temporary. Keep this in mind when reading alignment.

Suggested Reading: The Cycle of Accumulation and Distribution (CAD), Leverage Oscillator (LTLO), Diffusion Index (DI), Volatility Bandwidth (BW), Compression (COM), Expansion (EXP), Alignment, Upside Alignment, Downside Alignment, Sentiment Model, Intermarket Trends, VIX Model, Economic Activity Composite, Long Term Cycles.


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