Sunday, September 29, 2019

Accessing the Blog With Right HyperTex Transfer Protocol (http:\\)


Hi Eric,

Still having the same problem with decryptText script. Last week I thought it was just not loading in a cached version of the page. But my browser clears cache every time it's closed, and a reload of the page doesn't pull in the script. Even if I open the post in a new page, for example -

this URL has no prior existence so couldn't possibly be cached. And this is what I get.


Java pop ups requires an unsecure HyperText Transfer Protocol. No private information is sent other than the Matrix code, so it's really doesn't matter if it's secure or unsecure.

If you're access my blog through secure transfer (https:\\), the pop up function will not work. All one has to do is remove the s (http:\\) and try again. Try it. The first link is unsecure. All pop ups work. The second is secure. None of the pop ups will work. Bookmark the unsecure link. Twitter posts include only the unsecure http:\\ now.

If you're having problems accessing subscriber content opened by the Matrix key, please contact me.

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