Friday, September 17, 2021

Insight Subscription Key 2021 Sep-Dec $115

The Matrix
The Matrix, updated daily usually ahead of NYSE open, recognizes the alignment of daily, weekly, and monthly price and volume trends (the tape) for 44 markets. It also includes analysis of leverage (DI) from the Commitment of Traders (COT) reports*, Intermarket trends that include market leadership and various forms of risk appetite, a true economic activity composite for the United States (EAC), and long-term trends and cycles concentration for US stocks, bonds, and commodities. The Matrix helps subscribers recognize buying and selling opportunities in commodities, bonds, energy, foreign exchange markets, commodities, precious metals, and global equity markets.

Subscription Access Key
Spend $115 and save $15 on the Subscription Level Access. Expand your understanding of trends, cycles (time), energy, and participation.

Trends are beginning to change. It's shaping up for a difficult 2022, but we must understand the trends as they unfold in 2021.

Subscription rates are time dependent. The price of an access level subscription key starts at $180 in January and falls roughly $5 a month until December. A new annual subscription key will be issued in January.

Evaluation Key (Link)

Free access to Evaluation Matrix and content requires a separate key for periodic updates of full version Matrix. Name & email are the only requirements for this key.