Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Georgia, a historically RED (Republican) State, has flipped to BLUE, or so the media outlets tell us. It's as if the Republicans will never be able to win again. The opens the door to the US economy becoming the testing grounds for Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), the New Green Deal, the Great Reset, and the growing possibility of a forced conversion to digital dollars managed by watchful and penetrating eye of Big Tech rather than the banking system. Everything just mentioned requires massive debt issuance despite an insurmountable debt burden. The public has no idea what any of this really means, but the consequences will become more obvious as 2022 nears.

The working class, devastated by rising prices and the rise of automation, could very well become dependent on universal income. It’s all part of the human-directed Great Reset. The invisible hand might have other plans, but human always start by believing they can control everything.

The relationship between economic growth and debt will continue to deteriorate. The invisible hand is not stupid; it realizes that the capital formation process will stall as uncertainty about acceptance of the Great Reset rises as the public becomes self aware.

Get used to stagnant economic activity and more debt issuance. The trend below, already fallen below the Great Depression low, will only worsen. Whether outcome is caused by dangerous incompetence or all part of the grand design, one high probability outcome will be life on Main Street will get a lot more difficult as standard of livings deteriorate further under the weight of sluggish economic growth and high taxation.

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