Saturday, January 9, 2021

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Friday's after hour’s announcement of the permanent suspension of Trump from social media is producing mixed reactions that should concern every reader. Some are cheering the development, while others are being suspended, closing accounts in protest over a preceived attack on the First Amendment. My non-political take, the standard perspective going forward, is that Friday’s action will fracture confidence even further. I’m watching trading sources delete or withdraw from long standing accounts; a move that could prove more difficult than expected. Non BigTech platforms are being semi-blocked by Big Tech.

I have written about the financial markets for years. Trading, investing, and finance are intertwined with society. It’s difficult to be good a trading without understanding the trends within society. Freedom, liberty, and purpose hold society together. If they begin to fracture, society will "unwind", and only the na├»ve believe that this process won’t affect trading, investing, finance, and you, your family and friends.

Going forward, it going to be difficult users of social media not be worried about what they say. Can we be de-platformed for discussing unaccepted/wrong political, religious, or economic beliefs? Chatting with the "wrong" person. Trump has been deplatformed, but the fact that Maduro as well as many other oppressors are still Tweeting away without restrictions will attract attention. These observations as well as numerous others will not help confidence.

Remember confidence is required for people to spend their $600 or $2000 stimulus checks. If half the population lacks confidence about the future, the Fed can expand M1 to the moon. The velocity of money, the average income per dollars created, will continue to fall. This is deflationary.

I might not elaborate on the social media discussion, but I will certainly call out the BS in the financial and economic world. If inflation is the inevitable outcome in the US, the velocity of money would not be breaking down below the Great Depression lows in 2020 and 2021. This needs to uptick and fast.

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