Friday, March 5, 2021

US Economic Activity Composite Review #EAC #Trading #Investing

The Economic Activity Composite (EAC), a proprietary multi-variable composite of mostly market-based variables, represents a leading measure of economic activity within the United States.

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The Labor report is likely to bring bullish spin about a bullish economic breakout. An economic breakout contingent on trillions of dollars of stimulus, debt, and promises nobody will honor won’t receive much attention in the discussion. Future economic spin will focus on impressive GDP growth rates above 5%. “The economy is booming” will be the flavor of the day interpretation.

The Economic Activity Composite (EAC) ignores the spin and follows only on direction. The economic is either expansion or contracting. Is the current expansion, the one the experts will spin as the most robust expansion in decades, really that strong? In country that focuses strictly on what's in it for me, it's doubtful anyone really cares.

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