Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Corn Review
Those that view the message of the market on a daily basis are likely confused by trading noise. While trading noise contributes to the long-term trends, it does not define them. Human behavior tries to explain trading noise as a meaningful trend. This confuses the majority which, in turn, contributes to their role as bagholders of trend transitions.

Corn's overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined and discussed in The Matrix for subscribers.

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With energy building and DI going up should we expect corn prices to surge higher?


The Evolution of the Trade (EOT) is all about reaction to the price, time, and energy. I think it's important to remove the concept of expectations. Professionals following the EOT react to setups within and between phases in the EOT as probability based events rather than expectations. The invisible hand might have expectations, but pros are not following them.

Corn's DI & DI2, the computer's tools for measuring energy within the Alignment and Energy Phase (3), have been rising as price declines. DI and DI2 have risen to 49% and -7%, respectively. While the computer has yet to highlight this DI combination in the chart, they still represent a powerful bullish energy build within a primary uptrend. Rising DI & DI2 represent accumulation within cause building. Accumulation can continue until the composite trend realigns to Triple Up.  Realignment to Triple up should not be anticipated.

The EOT's 'play' is holding the core long position and wait for a viable Reset. A viable Reset takes place after or during a strong bullish energy build.  We're seeing decent bullish energy build not only in corn but also soybeans.

Corn's DI

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