Saturday, July 10, 2021

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Flow of Funds

The Financial Accounts of the United States provides data to analyze the flow of funds and levels of financial assets and liabilities, by sector and financial instrument; full balance sheets, including net worth, for households and nonprofit organizations, non-financial corporate businesses, and non-financial non-corporate businesses. The study of the Flow of Funds (FOF) allows investors of all types to track borrowing, lending, and investment across businesses, households, non-profits, various levels of government, and farming to recognize trends in economic and financial performance, capital flows, and long duration cycles.

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A conspiracy theory, a reality often disguised as fantasy by official sources and ignored by nearly everyone, is the coming debt implosion. Western economies are drowning in debt. Total credit market debt is nearly 4x GDP (see below), yet nobody cares, because the onslaught of conspiracies, many completely irrelevant to financial, economic, social, and political change ahead, has made the public dangerously complacent and focused on the wrong things. We worry about the canceling of history, shows, people, and public opinion, but these will pale in comparison to the cancelling of debt (default) that lies ahead. The public's focus on the wrong thing will guide us until the brutal reality of default, an outcome that can't possibly happen to West, United States, and/or world's core economy, happens.

This outcome will not be prevented by gold, bitcoin, central banks, or coordinated policies from the IMF to WEF. The invisible hand will force it. History's past defaults, tells us that the Great Reset will be difficult to contain and control. Those that believe they can control or orchestrate it are fooling themselves.

Be wary of Bitcoin as the solution to the crisis. It's completely transparent and trackable. How that solution changes society and government for the better is an interesting question that few want to discuss today. As long as I'm rich, I'll be fine, right? Doubtful.

Total Credit Market Debt As % GDP (US Domestic Income)

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