Friday, September 17, 2021

US #TreasuryBonds Review $TLT $IEF

US TBonds Review
Those that view the message of the market on a daily basis are likely confused by trading noise. While trading noise contributes to the long-term trends, it does not define them. Human behavior tries to explain trading noise as a meaningful trend. This confuses the majority which, in turn, contributes to their role as bag holders of trend transitions.

US Treasury bond’s overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined in The Matrix for subscribers.

Subscriber Comments

I recommend subscribers track and study the ProIndex trends on a regular basis. ProIndex and PubIndex trends are found in the ProCharts column of the Trends Tab (Column BM).

The ProIndex, the study of professional buying and selling, leads or confirms price. Experience quickly teaches that while the majority is often bullish, very few assets show bullish trends at any given time. Nearly all rallies and declines are lead/confirmed by the ProIndex.  It's dangerous to chase direction when it's not confirmed by the ProIndex.

US Treasury Bonds is one of the few assets in the Matrix showing a bullish trend (see chart below). The ProIndex for bond reveals the following. Bond low after the 2020 shutdown was not confirmed by the ProIndex. The ProIndex made a higher low. The ProIndex is also making new relative highs ahead of price. Bottom line, pros are bullish towards bonds.

Don't ask me why, we'll find out later. That's how this game works.

US Treasury Bond ProIndex

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