Friday, November 26, 2021

2021 Insight Subscription Key Good Until Dec 31

The Matrix
The Matrix describes trends for 40+ markets (stocks, bonds, precious metals, #Bitcoin, commodities, and more), bullish and bearish reversals, intermarket money flows, long-term cycles and seasonal trends, and much more. The Matrix updates daily before the market opens the following day. Energy (DIs) is updated weekly.

Spend $50 and save $20 on the Subscription Level Access. Expand your understanding of trends, cycles (time), energy, and participation.

Rising volatility under a global debt crisis is confusing all market participants. Rising confusion makes understanding and following trends set by the invisible hand extremely important. Trends, a function of price, volume and time, are subtle and quiet when compared to the thundering voices of opinion. The Matrix helps subscribers navigate through the Evolution of the Trade.


Access market-driven money flow, trends, and intermarket analysis through an Access Key.