Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Corn Review
Those that view the message of the market on a daily basis are likely confused by trading noise. While trading noise contributes to the long-term trends, it does not define them. Human behavior tries to explain trading noise as a meaningful trend. This confuses the majority which, in turn, contributes to their role as bag holders of trend transitions.

Corn's overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined and discussed in The Matrix for subscribers.

Is this true or false?

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Dave provides productive commentary on the Internet. He's highly disciplined, but that doesn't mean my computer always agrees.  It's also could be the reason why I don't get many responses. Has oats gone crazy relative to corn? Yes. The more oats rallies, the more it outperforms corn, thus, distorting the traditional oats to corn relative performance. It's so distorted that a reversion to the mean suggests significant relative gains for corn.   That only happens if the OAT/CORN ratio heads lower towards the two green lines.

Oats vs Corn Since 1959

Does this mean corn is the play in the grains market?

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