Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Reports Published & Updated


Traditional reviews were short and focused on changes in the Evolution of the Trade (EOT). Reports, longer and more sophisticated, study trends, cycles, and multiple views of energy, intermarket trends, and long term cycles to better understand Flips, Resets (R), Primary Trend Declines, and Nibbles. They represent a comprehensive view of the Evolution of the Trade. The Alignment and energy phase (Resets) often generates intense frustration, doubt, and are generally the most vulnerable to emotional decision-making.

Reports are great learning tools.

#Soybeans Report updated 10/29/21
#Bitcoin Report updated 10/28/21
#Silver Report updated 10/29/21
#Economy & Stock Report published 10/20/21
#Cocoa Report published 10/26/21
#Wheat Report published 11/07/21
#Commodities Report published 11/05
#Natural Gas Report published 11/10

Reports Available (Click Here):

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