Monday, September 18, 2023

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US Dollar Review
Trading noise, the random movement of price over the short term, does not control trends, cycles, and profits. The majority, an emotionally driven group focused solely on price, often interprets it as meaningful information. This leads to confusion, frustration, missed opportunities, and leaves the majority as the bag holders of trend transitions. The Evolution of the Trade helps investors stand separate from the majority.

The US Dollar Index's overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined in The Matrix for subscribers.

Subscriber Comments

The Series US Dollar Index Report, a series of videos, discusses trends, cycles, and intermarket flows for the US Dollar Index (Euro & more). The report updated on 09/18/23.

The US Dollar Index is the most powerful trend in the Matrix. It's still one of the quietest, though, that will change soon. The mainstream media is foolishly ignoring the Euro and Yen's decline to destruction. This leaves the majority, generally believing central banks and the Fed will protect them, clueless and unprepared for the unintended consequences.

The global economy and financial markets are highly interconnected. Everyone subscriber should be following the dollar's primary trend. It will continue to be a wrecking ball for the global economy.

The 09/18/23 Report - Invisible Hand Defying Majority's Bearish Narrative update have been posted. The unrelenting rally is no accident, if you'll take the time to listen to the invisible hand.

Please watch the full update on the Reports Page.

US Dollar Index Report Preview

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