Friday, June 3, 2022

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Economic Report
Much of today's economic data is unreliable. Statisticians employ well-documented techniques such as geometric smoothing, seasonal adjustments, substitution, double counting, and hedonics to adjust outcomes of economic time series as far back as the 1980s. The public accepts mainstream economic narratives, and assumes that politicians and central bankers control them. Administrations as far back as the 1980s have utilized heavily modified and revised economic data for political gain.

Experienced teaches us that data can be whatever it wants to be in the short term. Statistical techniques, tricks to change numbers that get revised by future revisions, help shape public policies.

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The Series 1 $200 Economy & Stock Report 10/20/21, a series of videos, discusses trends, cycles, and intermarket flows for the economy and stocks. The Report updated on 06/03/22.

Liquidity, the grease that keeps the financial and economic gears turning, is drying up. Everyone needs to understand it, and fast.

Losses in ill-liquidity markets often force selling in unrelated markets.  Regular readers recognize the phrase, "All markets are interconnected (related) in a crisis." If the loses are concentrated into deep pools of money, or spread across the planet, the selling will be fast, intense, and will fill body bags at an alarming rate. Every trader, investors, producer, reader, onlooker needs to understand how to track liquidity in the Matrix, or watch this update. The invisible hand doesn't feel remorse. It will come for you.  Preparation, knowledge, and skill are your only weapons against the next liquidity crisis.

Please watch the full update on the report page.

Economy & Stock Report Update Preview

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