Saturday, November 19, 2022

Matrix Updated #Stocks #Bonds #Commodities #Bitcoin

The Matrix
The Matrix, an array that displays alignment of price & volume (trends) within the cycle of TIME, intermarket money flows, and the flow of sentiment, helps subscribers recognize the Evolution of the Trade for 44 markets. Markets include #stocks, #bonds, #forex, #Bitcoin & #Commodities.

Full subscription provides full access to the Matrix. The Matrix updates daily.

A Limited or Free Subscription provides full access to an evaluation Matrix. It's updated periodically.

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Subscriber Comments

Download the Matrix and look at the fractal trends and cycles at least once a week.

The ProIndices are showing divergences in many markets. Divergences often suggest a change in the backdrop that only professionals recognize. Recognition eludes the public; they come in late. Experience teaches that divergences material over the short- and long-term.  It's always prudent to wait for confirmation from price. We will be discussing divergences in the Nasdaq 100, retail stocks, financial stocks, grains, natural gas and more as much as possible this weekend, and next week.

Understanding Decoupling

Learning to Use the Composite Trend Sort

Learning to Use the Matrix to Manage Positions

All Report keys still published in Series 1 and Series 2 remain active.


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The Matrix provides market-driven trend, cycles, and intermarket analysis.