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Bitcoin Review
Trading noise, the random movement of price over the short term, does not control trends, cycles, and profits. The majority, an emotionally driven group focused solely on price, often interprets it as meaningful information. This leads to confusion, frustration, missed opportunities, and leaves the majority as the bag holders of trend transitions. The Evolution of the Trade helps investors stand separate from the majority.

Bitcoin's overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined and discussed in The Matrix for subscribers.

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The Evolution of the Trade defined the Flip, numerous Alignments (Resets) since 6/1/23, and will follow the primary trend until it reaches Primary Trend Decline. The computer follows the primary and composite trend without emotion. The majority loses because they see what they believe. Many believe Bitcoin is a useless asset. Perhaps. Many believe it will redefine the financial world. The computer believes nothing. It will follow Bitcoin until the primary trend flips down, or enters the Primary Trend Decline phase.

Bitcoin, despite the rally, has frustrated bulls, bears, and watchers with a powerful 220% gross return over 13 months. Performance utilized zero leverage, a fact that would likely reshuffle the meme crowd's expectation of trading.

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The Matrix provides market-driven trend, cycles, and intermarket analysis.