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Wheat Report
Short-term price fluctuations do not influence long-term trends, cycles, and profitability. The majority, guided by price trends and emotions, concentrate on short-term trading noise rather than cyclical trends of price, time, and energy. This focus creates confusion, frustration, missed chances, and typically leaves them holding the bag during trend shifts. Investors can sidestep this pattern by embracing the Evolution of the Trade and aligning with the minority.

Wheat's overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined and discussed in The Matrix for subscribers.

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The Wheat Report, a series of videos, discusses trends, cycles, and intermarket flows for wheat. The Report updated on 04/23/24

Survival in this business requires checking that ego at the door. We typically say that fundamentals never matter in the end. The majority plays the current cycle like the last. Today's cycle, however, is never the same as the previous one. Subtle changes in the long- and short-term commodity, economic, confidence, price, time, and energy cycles create unexpected outcomes. Old fundamentals do not matter. The trends are over by the time the majority learns the new fundamentals.

The invisible hand has made EVERYONE feel like Matt Foley at some point. We use the Matrix, The Evolution of the Trade, and ignore motivation speakers selling opinions. One of the all-time funniest SNL skits.

The 04/23/24 Report - Composite Trend update has been published.

Important Updates

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Please watch the full update on the Reports Page.

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