Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year

Thank you for following Insights another year.

Special thanks to subscribers, sponsors, and supporters.

Hope the Holidays and New Year brings joy, success, and opportunities for all.

Everyone sees what they believe without the discipline of the Evolution of the Trade. Opinions turn the majority into bag holders. This is how the trade game works. You must learn to stand with the invisible hand as the minority.

Insights will be publishing reviews and reports to help subscribers better understand the Matrix and invisible hand. The following reports will start 2024:

Active Reports (Click to View Reports Page): #Dollar #Soybeans #Economy #Stocks #Corn #Gold #Silver #Wheat #Bitcoin #Ethereum #LiveCattle #Hogs #NaturalGas #Bonds. The Access Code downloads and unlocks all content but Reports.

Reports will be added as the computer direct us. Real opportunities materialize in unpopular markets. We'll be more inclined to add (and subtract) new reports if subscribers purchase all.

Our numerous Reports & Reviews are designed to follow the invisible hand rather than opinions. 2024 will be a challenging year for all. It's time to take the discussion to the next level, because mainstream media, social media, and all other talking heads will not get timing right.