Monday, February 5, 2024

#Economy & #Stocks Review Timing Correct/Crash Section

E&S Review
Much of today's economic data, time series officially collected and produced, are highly unreliable. Statisticians employ well-documented techniques such as geometric smoothing, seasonal adjustments, substitution, double counting, and hedonic to adjust economic outcomes as far back as the 1980s. Politicians and central bankers use these techniques for political gain.

Data massaged by statistical techniques (tricks) are revised when nobody is looking, or Administrations or public policies change.

Subscriber Comments

Every subscriber should be watching the Timing A Correction/Crash (TAC) Section in the Trends Tab of the Matrix. The computer studies numerous trends and intermarket relationships that affect the economy, assets, and most importantly stocks. The TAC, flagged above the Daily (Tertiary) Trend column, translates the economic (risk-on/off) backdrop into correction/crash (C/C) and stable percentages. A rising C/C percentage increases the probability of at least a correction against the primary trend for stocks. The primary trend for stocks is up.

The Matrix is the eyes and ears of your institution. That institution can be trading, investing, production, consumption, and everything in between. Subscribers must learn to listen to the invisible hand through the Matrix. Today's short video review teaches you how to use it to recognize dangerous backdrops.  Smart money knows when to reduce leverage, take profits, and retreat to the sidelines when risks rise.  The Timing A Correction/Crash Section helps us quantify those risks.

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