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Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein.

Music, art, writing, language, programming, carpentry, repair, electronics, the art of conversation, understanding another's vulnerability, extending a helping hand rather than slapping it, plus many more abilities reflect inner creativity. This cannot be taught, memorized, politicized, manipulated for profit, or marginalized for secret agenda that promises happiness by sacrificing choice. Find your creativity to follow the elusive invisible hand.

The invisible hand thrives within backdrop of greed and fear. Understanding comes through creativity, and emotional control. Tuning-out out the voices and rhetoric of the majority taps the well of emotional and creative intelligence necessary to survive the brutal efficiency of the invisible hand.


Roses (2007)

11x14 60lbs Watercolor

The calm before the Storm (2001).

11 x 14 60lbs Watercolor

Petunias - variation on a theme (2001).

8x9 60lbs Colored pencil, pencil, earth tones, and watercolor.

Japanese Girl (2001)

9x12 90lbs crayola watercolor

Pollination (2009)

11x14 90lbs Soft Pastel

Album Cover (2008)

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11x14 90lbs Soft Pastel