Monday, April 22, 2024

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Natural Gas Report
Short-term price fluctuations do not influence long-term trends, cycles, and profitability. The majority, guided by price trends and emotions, concentrate on short-term trading noise rather than cyclical trends of price, time, and energy. This focus creates confusion, frustration, missed chances, and typically leaves them holding the bag during trend shifts. Investors can sidestep this pattern by embracing the Evolution of the Trade and aligning with the minority.

Natural gas's overall trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined and discussed in The Matrix for subscribers.

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The Natural Report, a series of videos, discusses trends, cycles, and intermarket flows for natural gas. The report was published and updated on 04/22/24.

Natural gas, a primary trend that flipped DOWN over a year ago, is one of the most profitable positions tracked in the Matrix. The majority, eternally bullish of all assets, has been calling bottoms with every rally for months. The bulls have fallen like Road Kill on the highway.

The Matrix is doing its job. Subscribers know it. It has helped them track the invisible hand without bias by following the primary and composite trends through cycles of price, time, and energy.

The 04/22/24 Report - Evolution of the Trade & Storage - Powerful! update has been published.

The West, through the stage of NATO defending the world from Russia, desperately needs distraction to hide the coming debt implosion.  Most citizens have no idea what ZERO BID US Treasury auction means for the global economy.  They believe the President and Fed pulls all the strings.  HA! The majority is totally clueless about the depth of the debt problem, and the extent the world will go to hide it. It's time to take your head out of your arse, right now. It's better to understand, prepare, and position rather than foolish scream “save me” from those creating the problem.

Our 01/11/24 Report — 2024 Destroys What's Left of Normal Economy & Stocks Report update is probably long forgotten. We did not record it to generate clicks and subscriptions. People see what they believe, and they do not want to believe that the US empire is dying.

Please watch the full update on the Reports Page.

Natural Gas Report Preview

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