Friday, February 15, 2019

US Economic Activity Composite Review #EAC #Trading #Investing

The Economic Activity Composite (EAC), a proprietary multi-variable composite of mostly market-based variables, represents a leading measure of economic activity within the United States.

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Confidence is a big component of the Economic Activity Composite (EAC). Preliminary confidence numbers show a recovery in February. The talking heads the rebound, thus, suggesting a return to normalcy. The cycle of TIME, however, cautions against this interpretation. CE LTCO bull phase has a BuST = 2.90 (line 103, column H), making it one of the longest impulses on record. In other words, the computer is saying, ignore the talking heads, a bear phase in confidence is highly probable in 2019. A bear phase in confidence will influence social, political, and economic trends. Look no further than gold! It's no accident that gold broke consolidation in late 2018. The gold promoters have been screaming about it for years. Why is gold listening now? Confidence. The cycle of time predicts a change in phase in 2019. The invisible hand is smart. Talking heads and gold promoters are not.

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