Thursday, November 28, 2019

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all. Give thanks, not for another day of self promotion, but rather for existence, tolerance and sharing. Just because the invisible hand will turn us into road kill without emotion if we do not respect it, we cannot live our lives through its example. Life is more important than money.

News that the President signed the Hong Kong Democracy Bill into law after the close quickly produced posts of a stock market crash, and/or ominous retaliation towards the US. We'll see. The law which passed through the Senate unopposed included a veto-proof majority that left the President without options. It's now assumed that phase 1 of the trade deal will be delayed again. Talking headings screaming, the stock market futures are tumbling, will need a bigger drop than less 100 points on the Dow.

The US China trade war has been an ongoing process that's shown little progress since it started in 2018. Yes, China will retaliate and relations will be strained a little, but not much has changed. The invisible hand deals in reality. Perhaps the muted stock market response (so far) reflects a growing reality that China no longer has absolute control. Recent local elections saw pro-Democracy victors for 17 out of the 18 districts in Hong Kong. Hongkongers vote send a clear message to the world.

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