Tuesday, May 2, 2023

#MetaPlatforms Review $META #Stocks

Meta Plat Review
Trading noise, the random movement of price over the short term, does not control trends, cycles, and profits. The majority, an emotionally driven group focused solely on price, often interprets it as meaningful information. This leads to confusion, frustration, missed opportunities, and leaves the majority as the bag holders of trend transitions. The Evolution of the Trade helps investors stand separate from the majority.

Meta Platforms's ($META) trend, revealed by trends of price, leverage, and time, are defined and discussed in The Matrix for subscribers.

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Meta platforms' primary trend turned up on April 30th, 2023. If you're shorting $META, because you dislike social media or Mark Zuckerberg, it's time to step aside. Don't let your emotions corrupt your decision-making. The invisible hand doesn't care what you believe.

The composite trend, a function of the daily, weekly, and monthly trend, is Triple Up and Early cycle.  Early cycle suggests that there's plenty of "space" for price and time to run. Primary up impulses average 248%. Be smart, the invisible hand will teach you respect if you're not.

The majority, largely bearish of stocks because Jim Cramer is bullish, couldn't time a bus schedule. The whole inverse Cramer following on social media is reaching cult-like status, yet nobody seems to recognize it. We'll be discussing stock timing in a new Economy & Stocks Report update soon.

Jim Cramer is an entertainer focused on promoting his show and brands. He is wrong a lot, and anyone that follows the money knows why. Stock traders interested in timing should be following the Economic Activity Composite (EAC) instead. The cult of inverse Cramer won't like its message.

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