Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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The Matrix
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The world continues to use lockdown to get the virus under control. The economy will return to normal once the virus is under control says the prevailing logic. The global economy has been deteriorating for decades. Workers have been experiencing declining standard of livings in the form of wages, benefits, insurance, health care, education, and so on for at least one generation. While numerous rounds of easy money and stimulus in the form of cash for clunkers, targeted tax credits, zero and negative interest rates and infinite QE has given the appearance of normality, they have hidden a steady decay of confidence and purchasing power of households.

All forms of debt, including domestic (household) non-financial debt, have skyrocketed despite numerous interventions to return the global economy to normal.

Total Credit Market Debt:

As a result, distortion within the economy continue to rise. Overcapacity of all sorts from education to retail sales square footage exists everywhere. The global and US economy are plagued by excess capacity just as individuals and corporations are not paying their rents, mortgages, and various other bills and taxes.

Where do we go from here? Default is inevitable, but how will it be hidden? Unfortunately, the proposals behind closed doors has default associated with the end of private ownership of assets, leaving those that lived conservatively thrown into the fire with the masses that irresponsibility embraced leverage as the cause and solution to all their problems.

Can't pay for your house? Default and let the state own it.


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