Tuesday, August 29, 2023

#Economy & #Stocks Review

E&S Review
Much of today's economic data, time series officially collected and produced, are highly unreliable. Statisticians employ well-documented techniques such as geometric smoothing, seasonal adjustments, substitution, double counting, and hedonic to adjust economic outcomes as far back as the 1980s. Politicians and central bankers use these techniques for political gain.

Data massaged by statistical techniques (tricks) are revised when nobody is looking, or Administrations or public policies change.

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The Economy & Stocks (E&S) Report, a series of videos, provide depth to today's review. The E&S Report should be mandatory for all subscribers. The economic cycle lays the foundation not only for stocks, but also every asset tracked in the Matrix.

The majority rarely gets timing right. They tend to be pessimistic when they should be optimistic, and vice versa. Charles Mackay's book, "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds," vividly illustrates the extensive historical record of how the majority becomes the bag holders. Only the minority manages to survive over time. The Matrix was specifically designed as a tool to assist us in breaking away from the majority's influence. Every subscriber will be exposed to the skills necessary to break away from the delusions and irrationality that accompany collective behavior.

Social media is all about entertainment, and nothing more. It cannot time markets, and does not understand cycles and the intention of the invisible hand.

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Follow the money, not the majority. The #stock market rally is showing some signs of deterioration. The bears embrace them without seeing the full picture. We will continue this discussion in future E&S Report Updates.

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